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2nd October 2019 | 0 Comments

(IOM) is a dangerous and sometimes fatal traditional dental procedure performed for decades in many areas of Africa.

Typically, a parent may take a sick child/baby(with fever or diarrhea) to a traditional healer, who will look in the child’s mouth and attribute the illness to “tooth worms”. The healer wil then use non-sterile tool such as a large nail, a bicycle spoke, or a knitting needle to gouged out the un-erupted teeth.
This practice inflicts pain and suffering on a child and gives rise to an extremely high risk of septicaemia, tetanus and transmission of blood-borne diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

There is nothing beautiful about Infant oral Mutilation. It is done when a child is about 6 months old but some of the effects lasts a lifetime hence Kinga Africa is at the front run in fighting the practice.
READ MOREΒ https://www.kingaafrica.or.ke/action-against-infant-oral-mut…/