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KINGA AFRICA School Health Programs & Free Dental Camps Volunteers

13th November 2019 | 0 Comments

On our quest for enhancing communities health, Kinga Africas’ SCHOOL HEALTH PROGRAMS & FREE DENTAL CAMPS have proven effective in educating the learners & communities on oral hygiene😁, menstrual hygiene👸 and hand washing🤗. With these, Kinga Africa distributes free dental kits🦷(especially toothbrushes and paste) under our 100,000 ORAL HEALTH KITS DRIVE program

To make these programs work more effectively, we invite more volunteer dentists👩‍⚕️, dental students, and medical practitioners👨‍⚕️ to participate in these programs.

Kinga Africa also has a newly completed KINGA AFRICA DENTAL HOSPITAL🏥 were volunteers will be able to offer more dental services to those in dare need. The HOSPITAL urgently needs DENTAL EQUIPMENT and PERSONNEL. We are appealing to donors and persons of goodwill to lend a helping hand so as to provide affordable(free) and accessible dental services to those in dare need.

Volunteers email: volunteers@kingaafrica.org
Donations email: donations@kingaafrica.org
Email us: admin@kingaarica.org
About Volunters: https://www.kingaafrica.or.ke/volunteer/
Free Dental Camps: https://www.kingaafrica.or.ke/free-dental-camps/
Kinga Africa Dental Hospital: https://www.kingaafrica.or.ke/kinga-dental-center/
About Donations: https://www.kingaafrica.or.ke/donations/