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Kinga Africa Housing For The Poor.


Homelessness is not a Choice, but rather a journey that many find themselves in

About Kinga Africa Housing For The Poor

Kenya, a country bordering Somalia and Ethiopia, has faced increasing obstacles combatting homelessness. With over 2 million citizens fighting homelessness in Kenya, the problem is only worsening. However, newly implemented organizations are seeing rapid improvements through their aid those in need.

It is estimated that in the near future, the homeless population will rise by over 200,000 people. Of the 2 million Kenyans without proper shelter, over 50% comprise of children. Most of these children spend their lives on the streets, struggling to make ends meet.

Various issues have stemmed from the severe homelessness problem in Kenya. Kenyans who are homeless often only have one meal a day. Malnutrition commonly occurs among homeless youth because of this food shortage.

There are many families and individuals who do not have a decent place to call home because they cannot afford to build one. Children raised in such environments are vulnerable to diseases, abuse and other problems that arise from poverty.

Kinga Africa has embarked on housing such families to protect the children and also give the families a decent place to call home.



In Masinga the project officers met Joseph a 72 year old man who lived alone in the open. His muddy house had collapsed and he was living in the remains of the collapsed house. The project build for him a two roomed house, a kitchen and a toilet. He also got new furniture beddings and cooking utensils. He is since a very happy man.


An old missionary couple was living in a soon falling wooden shack where they called home. The project built them a small two bedroom house where they are now very comfortable.

A family of 7 is living in one room. The father had to look for accommodation elsewhere when his children grew big. The project is currently establishing a two bedroomed house for them. Soon the family will be in a beautiful home.

At a cost of $4700 we are able to build a two bedroomed stone house for the poor people here in East Africa. Any family, individual or institution can sponsor a home for a family that needs one a lot. In so doing you save a life from cold, abuse and diseases.

To sponsor a house or home email admin@kingaafrica.or.ke . For as low as USD 5,000 you can afford a homeless family a decent home.



Homelessness is not a choice, but rather a journey many fing themselves in.

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