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What We Do


Our Activities

• Educate children on good oral health practices.
• Provide tools for continuing peer oral health education and discussion.
• Dental discussion groups targeting minor dental treatment.
• Organise workshops for teachers on oral health.
• Volunteer programs including training, targeting professionals, dental students, medical students and other individuals.
• Organise Mobile Dental / oral health clinics.
• Conduct programs for children and the greater community about oral hygiene.
• Provide supplies to those we educate.

What We Do

Through community outreach to schools, orphanges, chruches and other community groups we are providing much needed knowledge and tools for the people of Kenya to look after their own heath. We are operating out ``Smiles of a lifetime`` project which provides education programs and simple supplies to take control of their own dental hygiene in these communities.
We also provide extensive training to teachers and community leaders about general health and dental hygiene, enabling the continued education of the communities after our visits.

Our Objectives

Our long term goal is to set up mobile dental clinics which will be able to re-visit these communities to resupply them with simple supplies, further education, and to provide regualar dental checkups.
We have a number of programs or projects under operation, view our programs page for more detailed information about these individuals programs. Volunteers, generous donations, and support from our affiliates ensure this program can go forward and help to educate the children and communities of Kenya.

Why We Do It

In Kenya the knowledge available to individuals on personal health is vew low.
We saw a need to ensure smiles for the future and encourage and educate the younger generations, and teachers, through school programs who will be able to pass this knowledge on to others in their families and communities.

Years of Existence

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Different Communities

Outstanding Programs